Organize Your Home Life

New Uses For Command Hooks You Didn’t Know About

I review new ways the versatile product Command Hooks by 3M can declutter your home life.

If you’re like me you are always looking for ways to declutter and simplify your home and one way that has made it possible has been with 3M Command Hooks. So if you are looking for easy ways to declutter your home then read on.

Toothbrush Hanger


I found this a neat idea useful for my followers who have young families. It allows you to add more as you continue to grow your ever expanding family. Because 3M Command Hooks are flexible, they will work with a variety of toothbrushes. Now you don’t have to worry about finding a holder with holes big enough to fit your child’s toothbrushes that have those so called ergonomic handles for little hands.

Hanging A Frame


To some this may seem obvious but many it isn’t explains the proper way to hang your frame whatever kind it is with 3M Command Hooks . Believe me and many of my followers agree, if it saves you from putting holes in the wall, that’s more of your apartment security deposit you are getting back.

Hang Your Rolls Of Aluminum Foil And Plastic Wrap


Don’t you hate it when you go to tear off a piece of plastic wrap, how awkward it is? You never get a nice clean tear or you wind up cutting yourself from the teeth on the box. Yet when you hang these boxes up with 3M Command Hooks in an easily accessible place it becomes easy to just tear off a piece of clear plastic wrap or aluminum foil without all the struggle and mess. So hang away!

Mount Your Powerstrip


With some zip ties and a couple of 3M Command Hooks you can easily mount your powerstrip to almost any surface you want. You can mount it to the back of your entertainment center, bookcase, or ever the back of your TV. No more do you have to reach into tight awkward areas where your powerstrip is lying on the ground or weed through wires just to get at it.

Organize And Hide Your Electric Cables


Now that you have mounted your powerstrip next you’re going to want to organize those power cords cables that run to your powerstrip. By placing some clear 3M Command Hooks on the backs and sides of your furniture you can easily wrangle up those out of control wires. No longer do you have to have a room where you see nothing but wires running across the floor or wires that get tangled and criss crossed.

These are just a few of the many ways 3M Command Hooks can declutter your home and change your home life. They have changed mine. I now organize my apartment so much better and for less money than it would be to it any other way. I will bring you more ideas about how to use 3M Command Hooks and my experiences with them often in my blog posts. What has your experience been with 3M Command Hooks been? I want to know. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Any questions? Feel free to contact me through my Contact Form.


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