Best Organic Milk Brand

Organic Valley, Organic Whole Milk

Best Organic Milk Brand

If you’re looking to better your health with better milk than Organic Valley Organic Whole Milk is the way to go. It’s delicious, nutritious, organic milk from pasture-raised cows and it’s USDA certified organic. Organic Valley never uses antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs.

Now that I have hyped up the product let me tell you why I have this opinion.

Best Milk Brand

Unlike other brands Organic Valley hold it’s organic dairy production up to higher standards. Organic Valley is a part of the CROPP Initiative which is a cooperative of farmers that are held to strict standards.

  • Farmer-owned co-op.
  • Uses no artificial growth hormones, no antibiotics¹ and no pesticides.
  • USDA Organic certified and adherent to CROPP (see note below), a program of strict, humane animal handling laws.
  • Does not use Oxytocin (even though it is allowed by the National Organic Program)
  • Cornucopia Institute Score: 4/5; Excellent²
  • Dairy cows get up to 7 months of pasture time each year.
  • Average number of cows per acre: 3
  • Average herd size: 76
  • Percentage of family farms in Organic Valley system: 100%

Some of CROPP Standards:

  • Consideration of cattle’s social nature and making sure they are comfortable throughout their integration into new herds, breeding, day-to-day events, treatment of illness, etc.
  • Giving the cows housing which is comfortable, spacious and which conforms to natural light cycles
  • Providing the cows with fresh air, shade, and access to outdoors unless extreme weather would endanger the animals
  • Special care in breeding to promote healthy herds.
  • Strict rules about transporting cattle to provide for their health, comfort, and safety
  • Limited or no use of electric shock devices in training
  • Limited or no dehorning, and use of pain

Under their standards they do not use antibiotics on their animals. Increased use of antibiotics in cows in conventional dairy production have been believed to create resistance to antibiotics and this resistance  then is transferred to humans who consume it. Organic Valley’s farmers use holistic methods on their animals to treat their health.

Organic Milk Benefits

With Organic Valley using such strict standards their goal is to provide healthy milk drinksWithout the antibiotics, steroids, Oxytocin, chemicals and genetic engineering you get a milk that is free from alteration milk without hormones and thus keeps you from long term health effects that are believed to be derived from conventional dairy products.

On top of everything it tastes great!

If you are looking for an organic milk that is healthy for you and tastes great check out Organic Valley and let me know to experience with it.






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